Bats: Misunderstood Pollinators

Bat and Cactus

Pollination – not just for the birds and the bees When we think of bats, the first thing that might come to mind is Halloween or vampires.  These furry helpers have earned a bad rap with the help of scary movies and old legends, but they deserve better.  Bats are…

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Mayor Rawlings’ Pollinator Proclamation

Mayoral Proclamation Pollinator Week

Mayor Rawlings continues to speak out for the protection and conservation of our pollinators.  This week, the Mayor has issued a Proclamation for the City of Dallas to officially recognize National Pollinator Week, and urges citizens to join in conservation efforts. Earlier this year, Rawlings signed the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge,…

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Don’t Fear the Bee

Honey Bee on Flower

The honey bee:  oft maligned by the lips of those who equate any species of wasp, hornet, or bee to one another, due to their casual resemblance.  The erroneous association of the honey bee with its more carnivorous cousins in the Class Insecta has resulted in animosity toward this delicate…

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Helpful Hummingbirds

Hummingbird FB

In celebration of Pollinator Week, we are highlighting a different pollinator each day.  Today we are celebrating hummingbirds.  Birds are not commonly thought of as pollinators, but hummingbirds are because they visit many flowers, spreading pollen from bloom to bloom. Fantastic Flyers Hummingbirds are the smallest bird in the world,…

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