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· Cooler days are here. Is your yard ready? How about your house? Come listen to City staff on Tuesdays at the State Fair of Texas in the Food & Fiber Building from 1:00 to 2:00 to learn more.
· Did you know you can opt-out of mosquito ground spraying? Contact 3-1-1 in Dallas (214-670-3111) to request your property be skipped.
· It's My Park Day is October 24, 2015. Call 214-670-1923.
· The Fall Recycling Roundup is coming November 14, 2015.
· Parents, little lungs are more susceptible to air-borne pollutants like ozone and particulate matter than yours. Don't idle while picking up kids after school and carpool when you can to help improve our air quality. Visit AirNow.gov to sign up for ozone alerts.

Healthcare Recycling

Medical institutions expend volumes of resources for operations and patient care. As such, hospital waste generation in the U.S. exceeds 5.9 million tons annually. On average, 33 pounds of waste per staffed bed per day is generated according to Practice Greenhealth. Sustainable waste management practices result in waste hauling reductions, recycling rebates, and positive environmental impacts for the organization that recycles. Since hospitals are the second largest generator of waste in the U.S., it is imperative to instill sustainable practices into daily operations. Through sensible waste management, the medical institutions of Dallas can help the city realize Zero Waste by 2040, while showing a positive impact on their own bottom line.

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