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Bee Kind - Visit our links page to find a beekeeper near you to rescue a hive.

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∙ Statewide boat draining rules to prevent Zebra Mussels
∙ NTx Aps Challenge Kick Off Event, July 24th
∙ BOPA Collection @ Southwest Center Mall, July 26th

Carry-Out Bag Ordinance

Beginning January 1st, there will be a 5 cent fee for single use bags at retailers. We are working to keep you informed, so check back periodically. Disponible en español.

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In this month’s Green Times, read about how manufacturing coming back to America is not only good for our economy, but our environment too; learn how much oil the U.S. can save by reducing the food we waste; and find a class to attend to learn about natural insect control and repellents.

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