It’s Texas Native Plant Week!


What is so special about October 16-22, 2016?  It’s Texas Native Plant Week! The State of Texas designated the third week of October Texas Native Plant Week to celebrate the benefits provided by our native plants.  You may be asking, what exactly is a “native plant”?  A native plant is…

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Planting Monarch Waystations in Your Local Park!


The Mayors’ Monarch Pledge Across the country, pollinator species are in the public eye and at the forefront of conservation efforts.  Pollinators are critical for maintaining healthy ecosystems, not to mention our food supply.  One of the more memorable pollinators in Dallas is the Monarch Butterfly that migrates through the…

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Attention All Beekeepers!


The City of Dallas has a new service request available for beekeepers to help them stay informed of ground and/or aerial spraying for mosquitoes. This voluntary effort will collect beekeeper contact information only so the City of Dallas can notify Dallas “beeks” before mosquito spraying to allow them to cover…

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Honorably Mentioned for Recycling Efforts


The gReen3 Awards On September 16, 2016, the North Central Texas Corporate Recycling Association (NTCRA) held their annual gReen3 Awards luncheon to recognize North Texas businesses, governments, and individuals for their contribution toward building a stronger, more vibrant, and economically resilient region through recycling and education.  The keynote speaker was…

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