Need to Report a Street Light Issue?

Did you know… Street Light

You can report a street light that is on during the day, wasting electricity.  Conserve energy, which reduces electric grid demand and air pollution, by reporting street lights that are on during the day to Oncor.  You should also let Oncor know when a light is out or a pole is down.

Reporting street light issues to Oncor

From Oncor:  Street lights are vital to our everyday lives, lighting the way for drivers and pedestrians.  Oncor has approximately 400,000 street lights in its service area, and we always appreciate your help identifying lights that are in need of repair.  The sooner our Oncor teams know lights are out, the sooner we can get them fixed!

Simply visit to pick the street light from a map to report the issue.

Here is an example:

Oncor Street Light Map


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