Boat-Draining Rule Takes Effect July 1

What is the new boat-draining rule?

Beginning July 1, boaters must drain all water from their boat and on-board receptacles before leaving or approaching a body of fresh water anywhere in Texas.  This boat-draining rule was created to help combat the spread of the zebra mussel, an invasive species that is a threat to our local lakes.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and a coalition of partners are working to slow the spread of zebra mussels by reminding boaters to Clean, Drain, and Dry their vessels before traveling from one lake to another.

Zebra Mussels Can Hide in the Areas Indicated Below

Boat Draining Diagram

From Texas Parks and Wildlife:  You can’t always see zebra mussels because their larvae are invisible to the naked eye. They can survive for days in water trapped in a boat. The only way to be sure you’re not carrying zebra mussels to another body of water is to always clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and gear.

Click here for a video that will show you how to properly drain your boat, and to find out more about zebra mussels and why they are so destructive.

Say Goodbye to Zebra Mussels, not Texas Lakes.

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