Dallas Ranked #7 for ENERGY STAR Buildings

EPA ENERGY STAR buildings by 2014We’re in the Top Ten!

The City of Dallas placed seventh on the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual list of cities with the most ENERGY STAR buildings.  The ENERGY STAR is the EPA’s mark of superior energy efficiency, and is given to buildings and plants that use technologies and products that reduce energy use.

Dallas has shown a serious commitment to green buildings, implementing a Green Building Ordinance, reducing energy use at existing facilities, and building new City facilities to LEED standards.  The thousands of new ENERGY STAR buildings join numerous private LEED buildings in cutting the greenhouse gas emissions of our community.

The Benefits of ENERGY STAR Buildings

“Dallas is demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits achieved by facility owners and managers when they apply a proven approach to energy efficiency to their buildings,” said EPA Regional Administrator Ron Curry.

In 2013, the Dallas area had 229 ENERGY STAR buildings.  These buildings utilize products, such as high-efficiency windows, radiant barriers, and high R-value insulation, to save energy.  Dallas is cutting greenhouse gas emissions equal to 64,249 passenger vehicles, and saving almost $44 million in annual utility bills.

By the end of last year, more than 23,000 ENERGY STAR buildings across America saved nearly $3.1 billion in annual utility bills.  They also prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to the annual energy use of more than 2.2 million homes.

Los Angeles has remained the top city on the EPA list since 2008, while Washington, D.C. continues to hold onto second place for the fifth year.

How EPA ranked the cities

They defined cities based on the US Census’ “core based statistical areas,” commonly known as metropolitan areas.  Then, the EPA tallied the total number of buildings that had earned the ENERGY STAR in each metro area in 2013, and ranked the cities accordingly.

See the full list of top cities here.


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