Honorably Mentioned for Recycling Efforts

The gReen3 Awards

miguel-harth-bedoyaOn September 16, 2016, the North Central Texas Corporate Recycling Association (NTCRA) held their annual gReen3 Awards luncheon to recognize North Texas businesses, governments, and individuals for their contribution toward building a stronger, more vibrant, and economically resilient region through recycling and education.  The keynote speaker was Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.  He shared his journey with waste reduction, recycling, and composting in both his personal and professional life.

The award categories this year included:

  • Superior Waste Minimization
  • Excellence in Material Recovery
  • gR3een Thumb
  • Excellence in Environmental Education & Outreach
  • Best Recycling Partnership
  • Recycler of the Year
  • gR3een Achievement
  • Innovative Recycling Special Event
  • gR3een Elected Official
  • gR3een Media
  • The Marilyn May Award

TerraCycle Program

Terracycle LogoThe City’s own Office of Environmental Quality was nominated this year for Superior Waste Minimization for their efforts to help recycle some hard-to-recycle items such as plastic bags, writing instruments, personal hygiene items, alkaline and rechargeable batteries, cell phones and other small electronics, and ink cartridges.  The writing instrument effort through TerraCycle collected 518 pens and markers for recycling in 2015, with proceeds benefiting the Dallas Public Library, and is well on the way to surpass that number for 2016 with the help of Dallas workers and residents who bring their pens and markers to participating Library drop-off locations for collection.

Honorable Mention

While OEQ did not win in the Superior Waste Minimization category, they did receive honorable mention from the NTCRA for their excellent efforts, and have been recognized by TerraCycle Newell Brands Writing Instruments Recycling program for being in the Top 30 writing instrument collectors.

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