Bike to School Day reminds us to follow the speed limit, be alert

From Look Out Texans:

North Texas schools are preparing for the annual National Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 10. This event has grown in popularity across the country as schools have recognized the importance of encouraging bicycling and safe routes to school.

Communities host Bike to School Day events for several reasons, including raising awareness of bicycle and pedestrian safety, promoting a healthy lifestyle in students’ daily routines and building stronger connections among neighbors. Activities for students often include helmet fittings, bicycle safety skills clinics and organized rides to school.

For children to ride to school safely, everyone must observe traffic laws.

  • Start by following the speed limit when you drive.
  • School zone speed limits are especially important since children’s small size and unpredictable movements can make them difficult to see.
  • Be aware of all children on or near the street regardless of whether they have adult supervision.
  • Maintaining legal speed limits increases safety for everyone using the street.

People of all ages have a legal right to ride their bicycle in the center of most road lanes. Therefore, drivers should treat bicycles as motor vehicles and watch out for people bicycling.

Likewise, bicyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals and take care to alert drivers when they will be turning, changing lanes or stopping. Signaling your intentions gives drivers notice of your movements. Look over your shoulder and up ahead (scan), and then signal your turn and make your move.

Understanding how people bicycling, walking and driving should interact together safely is important to protecting our friends, families and neighbors. Unfortunately, the number of crashes between people driving and people walking or bicycling has increased in the past five years, as well as resulting fatalities. Do your part to help by staying alert and looking out for others.

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Ride for Air Quality

As we head into summer and prime ozone season, we all need to do our part to help reduce air pollution. Riding your bike is a great way to improve air quality. For more air quality tips, visit


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