New Cease the Grease drop-off stations!

Warm weather FRY-days are here!

Hosting a fish fry? A neighborhood crawfish festival? Recycle your used cooking oil and grease at one of the new Cease the Grease drop-off stations! 

You can now bring your used cooking oil and grease to:

Tom Thumb
3878 Oak Lawn Ave,
Dallas, TX 75219


Central Market
5750 E Lovers Ln
Dallas, TX 75206

This means you now have 28 places in and around Dallas where you can leave used cooking oil, and we’ll turn it into electricity.  The energy produced from the cooking oil and grease collected from these stations is used by Dallas Water Utilities to clean our wastewater.

How do you recycle cooking oil?  It’s easy! 

Allow the oil to cool, then pour it into a sealed container or bottle.  The original oil bottle works perfectly for this.  Find the closest drop-off site to you – and drop it off!  We even take grease from meats that turns into a solid when it cools.  Collect grease from bacon and other meats in a separate, sealed container and leave that along with any bottles of vegetable oil at any Cease the Grease station.

What is Cease the Grease?

Cease the Grease is an educational outreach program from the City of Dallas Water Utility.  Their goal is to educate the community on how to protect home plumbing, the environment, and water quality in the City of Dallas.  Fats, oils, and grease can clog your pipes, the City’s sewer pipes and cause expensive plumbing repairs for everyone.  You can Cease the Grease by recycling cooking oil and keeping fats, oils, and grease away from your pipes!

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