Tip One to Clear the Air – Limit Driving

What comes out of the tailpipe goes into our lungs

Did you know that the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in Dallas are from vehicular traffic?  Every time we start our engine, we are making an impact on the quality of our air.  The air our kids breathe; the air our parents breathe; the air we breathe.

One small change can add up to make a big difference

If we all commit to doing just one thing to reduce our impact, the total effect could be huge!

Find the change that is right for you

“But it’s too hot to bike to work in the summer!”  You’re right, it can be.  But it isn’t too hot to carpool, or ride the commuter train.  Give it a try.  Plus, if every other person carpooled, there would be half as much traffic out there.  And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?!

Office of Environmental Quality, Six ways to clear the air

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