Tip Four to Clear the Air – Maintain Your Vehicle

Healthy Vehicle = Healthy Air

Just like our bodies, vehicles must be maintained to keep them in peak performance.  You wouldn’t run a marathon without the proper diet and exercise – you would probably break down along the way.  Your automobile works best when you keep it at its best.  When your car or truck is performing at its best, it pollutes less.

Waiting on maintenance will cost you fuel

A car’s energy is its fuel.  The harder it is to move the car, the more fuel it uses.  Wait too long between oil changes and your oil will thicken and create drag in the cylinders, which uses more fuel.  Clogged air filters reduce the amount of air your engine has to breathe, creating a richer burn, and using extra fuel.  If you’ve ever pushed a wheelbarrow with a flat or pedaled a bike with low tires, you KNOW that under-inflated tires will result in lower miles per gallon.  Low MPG = more air emissions.  

Good for the air, good for your wallet

All this extra fuel means extra emissions AND extra money coming out of your wallet.  It’s a win-win for air quality and your budget when you keep your vehicle in tip top shape.  

If you need help repairing or replacing your vehicle, Air Check Texas may be able to help!

Green Dallas, Office of Environmental Quality, Air Quality

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