Call the Plumber. And a Chef.

It’s not funny but one day I’m sure they’ll look back on it and chuckle. On July 25, the team at Mountain View College found that the tank in their Aquaponics Lab had sprung a leak. Not the “drip drip drip” kind — more like the “cartoonish arching-squirt that always shows up just before the dam bursts” kind. Of course, they had to act quickly (not that any dam was ever in danger — but, you know, the fish — lots of goldfish and catfish) so they started scooping fish in a barrel (feel free to groan, that was bad) and shutting the system off so it could be repaired. 

We all know what happens when plants can’t get water. So Mountain View staff found themselves with two challenges: finding a can of Flex Seal® – stat!; and, minimizing crop loss. Like all good farmers, they harvested. “Imagine the funny looks I got while on the light rail…”, Mountain View College’s Lori De La Cruz said as she carried a large tub of freshly harvested basil up to Café Momentum where it was either made into fresh pesto or blanched and dried for later use. Yum.


Rather than just tossing the crops while the irrigation system was under repair, MVC offered up the impromptu harvest to anyone following on social media to put the food to good use. And that’s how you build community. 

Way to go, Mountain View College.


To learn more about Mountain View College’s Aquaponics Lab, visit their website here.

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