Klyde Warren Park – Monarch Wrangler

It sounds like the title of the next epic western: Klyde Warren Park – Monarch Wrangler; instead, it’s a proud designation for this urban oasis bestowed by former First Lady Laura Bush as part of the Texan by Nature program.

This time every year, Monarch butterflies migrate through Dallas to warmer areas in Mexico to spend the winter. Monarch butterfly, the State Insect of Texas, are finding more and more welcoming habitats when they visit Dallas due to individuals, organizations, like the City of Dallas, and private groups across the area are incorporating the right kind of native plants to meet the needs of these marathon migrators.  

This is where Texan by Nature comes in. Founded by former First Lady Laura Bush, Texan by Nature encourages Texans to be involved in natural resource conservation because it enhances our natural heritage and economic vitality. Texan by Nature started a specific program, Monarch Wranglers, to help people and organizations get involved. 

Monarch Wrangler is a statewide program that connects conservation champions with resources and guidance to create monarch habitats where the live, work or play. Today, Klyde Warren Park was honored by the former First Lady as the newest Monarch Wrangler on the park’s 5th anniversary. Klyde Warren Park planted 350 milkweed plants in their 5-acre deck park to create an urban destination on the fly-way through North Texas. Mrs. Bush, Dallas First Lady Micki Rawlings, Texan by Nature board members, Texas Discovery Gardens, and students from George W. Bush Elementary School were all on hand to for the dedication. 

Protecting monarchs starts with you, in your backyard.  You, too, can be a Monarch Wrangler.  Find a guide and application at http://texanbynature.org/programs/monarch-wrangler/


To help you on the path to be a Monarch Wrangler, The City of Dallas Office of Environmental Quality has information to help you help pollinators at http://greendallas.net/resources/

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