All Sorts of Recycling

In January of 2017, the City of Dallas opened their new Material Recovery Facility in South Dallas. This facility was made possible through a contract with FCC Environmental Services who oversees operations of the facility. The new City of Dallas MRF can take recyclable material from the City of Dallas single stream recycling system. Single Stream recycling means residents can put all their recyclable material into one container together without separating them.  The MRF is equipped with the latest in recycling equipment such as optical sorters and gravimetric sorting systems which has helped the new facility process 55,000 tons of recyclables. The City of Dallas and FCC Recycling Facility takes recyclable items such as paper, cardboard, cartons, metal, plastic, and glass.

The National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) has recognized the Dallas Recycling facility for demonstrating leadership in key measurements, such as innovation, quantity of materials collected and or processed, types of materials recovered, site improvements, or sustainability measures adopted. The City of Dallas and FCC Recycling Facility was named the Best Recycling Facility in North America for 2017 by NWRA.

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