Foster Hope. Foster a Kitten.

Dallas Animal Services needs more volunteers to foster kittens.

dallas animal services, kittens, foster

It’s kitten season and with warmer weather here to stay, the kittens are coming and they need your help. Kittens under two months old and two pounds are too young to be adopted by a citizen.

The dedicated staff here at DAS have been volunteering to help take care of kittens overnight. They’ve been doing a tremendous job and more and more kittens arrive daily. However, we can’t do this alone!!! We need the support from YOU and the community to help foster kittens.

As you may have guessed, fostering kitten comes with lots of benefits.

#1 – They’re cute and cuddly
Don’t underestimate the benefits of having severe cuteness in your life. Have you ever looked at a kitten without smiling? They’re not only ridiculously cute, but they’re also cuddly. Kittens who have been separated from their mamas or littermates will seek affection and warmth from someone they trust… you!

Dallas animal services, foster, kitten

#2 – They’re fun
Kittens are full of wild and rambunctious energy, filled with non-stop fun and laughter.


#3 – It’s a short term commitment
Fostering is a great way to experience a lot of the best things kittens have to offer, without the long-term responsibility of adoption. In most cases, you’ll only foster the kittens until they’re old enough to get adopted. This can also be a good way to get a feel for what it’s like to live with and care for a kitten if you’re on the fence about adopting one.


#4 – Instantly popular with your friends
Nothing will make your home a friendship hotspot quicker than the promise of a few playful, adorable kittens. Having friends over to play is beneficial to the kittens too, since socialization is a big part of helping them grow into friendly and confident cats.


#5 – You’ll save lives
Since kittens can’t live in shelters, they can’t be rescued unless the organization believes it can find a foster home. Opening up your home to kittens directly helps save lives.

dallas animal services, kitten, foster, cute

#6 – You’ll get first dibs
People who foster animals often end up adopting one that was supposed to be temporary. There’s no shame in that; it happens all the time! The good news is that if you fall in love with one of the kittens and absolutely cannot stand to say goodbye, foster parents usually have first dibs once they’re old enough to be adopted!


You aren’t sure what taking care of kittens entails?

We will give you an orientation and training before you take kittens home!


How long does fostering last?

That depends on how much time you want to foster for. The longest will be around two months and the shortest maybe a couple of weeks.

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