Tree Preservation at Dallas City Hall

On a cold Saturday morning in early 2018, a tree at Dallas City Hall got to do what few other trees do in their lifetime … move. As part of an underground storage tank replacement at City Hall, a 55-year-old Texas Live Oak tree was relocated to a new spot near Canton Street to allow crews the room to do their underground work while preserving the tree.

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Construction crews and Equipment & Building Services (EBS) staff worked for several weeks to carefully extract the soil away and wrap the root system in burlap for the move. The relocation took about eight hours, start to finish. This tough Live Oak made it through the Texas summer and is now thriving. Whether it be the EBS department, Park and Recreation or Sanitation, the City understands the economic and intrinsic value that trees bring to Dallas. Next time you’re at City Hall, check it out and here’s to another 55 years!

tree, move, relocat, downtown dallas

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