Don’t Herb Your Enthusiasm, Grow it!

Are you excited to grow food at home? An easy way to get some growing experience is to start with herbs. There are several perennial herbs you can easily grow at home in any urban space. These herbs require little water, have if any pest problems, and they love our Texas sun! Once established, you will be able to harvest and cook with them year-round.  

blog post photo of chives with a bee

  Pollinators like honey bees can gather pollen from the blooms of herbs like chive.

  1. Rosemary. It may be perhaps the most beloved and well-known Mediterranean herb. Rosemary grows slowly, but once established you will enjoy this fragrant woody herb all year. It loves full sunlight (at least six hours) and dry soil, good drainage is important. There are several different varieties of rosemary you can choose, so check out this list for more information:
  2. Chives. They are the tasty gift that keeps giving. One tiny start of chives will grow into a massive bunch which can then be separated year after year and given to friends and family for their own kitchen gardens. Chives create beautiful white or purple flowers that are loved by pollinators. Cut back the greens to the ground every winter and watch them bloom black in their full edible glory every spring. Read more here:

    blog photo, a bundle of thyme

    Thyme is a great addition to your garden, It has beautiful tiny flowers and a soft texture.

  3. Thyme. There are over 300 species of thyme to choose from, depending on your preference for flavor and scent. This herb loves full sun and well-drained soil, not requiring much water when established. It is a lovely herb for a border plant, or to grow between rocks. Thyme also grows tiny flowers loved by bees in the springtime. Here are more details on growing thyme:
  4. Oregano. There are ‘only’ 36 different varieties of oregano. It loves sunlight and will grow and spread once established. It is a member of the mint family and has been known throughout history to have numerous health benefits. Oregano creates beautiful flowers that attract beneficial pollinators. Cut it back aggressively in winter and it will regrow once the weather warms. Here’s more info on oregano’s health benefits:
  5. Spearmint. This easy to grow and fragrant herb is best to plant in a container. Use spearmint to make tea, chop and sprinkle over fresh fruit, or chew a leaf to freshen your breath. This prolific herb is easy to grow from a cutting. Snip off some stems, place them in a glass of water on a sunny windowsill. After long, white roots form, plant them in a pot with soil. Read more about how to use and grow this herb here:
blog photo on spearmint plant being trimmed

All mints are prolific and are easy to propagate.

blog photo of mint roots in water

Mint easily grows in water. Replant it when the roots are about an inch long.











For more details about growing these herbs and more, visit these two sites:

Denton County Master Gardeners, Growing Herbs in North Texas

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Herbs for Texas Landscapes  

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