Compost In Place During COVID-19

blog photo of compost pile

Kitchen scraps and yard waste can be composted into free fertilizer.

One benefit of sheltering in place is that you can sharpen your culinary skills. But, are you now producing more food waste? Instead of putting food scraps in your trash, start a COVID-19 compost pile! Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow and improve the soil. Composting is a very important practice, both for our environment and for our soil. You can make compost at home and it has many benefits.

  1. Compost in your soil acts like a sponge, for water and for nutrients.
  2. Compost supplies your plants many essential nutrients. In contrast, fertilizer replaces very specific missing nutrients in your soil.
  3. Compost will help you reduce your own costs by saving on your water bill or need for expensive fertilizers or supplements.
  4. Compost helps loosen compact, claylike, North Texas soil. Adding compost to your soil creates more space for plant roots and helps to drain excess water and urban runoff.
  5. Compost improves soil health by building up the Soil Food Web. Read more about this important underground micro-environment on the USDA’s website.
  6. Composting food and yard waste keep these items out of our landfill. Did you know that at least 30% of what goes into the City of Dallas landfill is compostable kitchen and yard waste?

For an extensive guide on how to take something dirty and make it into something great, visit the EPA’s composting site and wish them a happy 50th birthday on Earth Day, April 22, 2020. 

Also, Texas AgriLife Extension Service has a comprehensive guide to composting. If you want to compost but live in an apartment or want to learn about composting with worms, check out this site.

Celebrate Earth Day every day. Share photos of your new or existing compost pile(s) with us on social media: @GreenDallasTX on Facebook and @GreenDallas on Twitter and Instagram.

blog photo of compost pile

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