Invite Pollinators to the Party

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Pollinators like bees and butterflies carry pollen from flower to flower.

While our spring plans may have seen some changes during this time, the season is still marked by an abundance of wildflowers. This beautiful display is due to our local area pollinatorsFrom beetles to bees, pollinators fly or crawl a million miles to do the work to keep our ecosystem vibrant and healthy.

Whether you’re a Master Gardener or someone who enjoys seeing butterflies flutter outside their window, here are seven easy ways anyone can support our local Texas pollinators. 

  •  Provide a water source 

Place a shallow dish of water in sunny areas or create a muddy spot that allows pollinators to stay hydrated during their long works hoursThese are called “butterfly puddlers. This is a great way to re-use cleaned jar lids or plant pot saucers. 

  •  Create a butterfly pit stop  

Creating a butterfly feeder is a great activity to do with your kids!  

This is also an opportunity to reuse the “to go boxes” from all of the local restaurants you have been supporting! Using one side of the container, hole punch each of the four sides. Run string through the holes, connect the string so it may hang.  

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This is a great project to reuse items you already have.

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Hang your feeder under a tree but where you can see it.











Tie the feeder up on a branch or a place where it can rest in the sun, similarly to your butterfly puddler. Fill the feeder with either a ¼ cup of simple syrup or some chunks of fruit scraps. (butterflies love bananas, apple cores and other extra ripe fruit) Putting Fruit in suet baskets works great as well! 

  • Make way for Monarchs.  

This month, our state butterfly, the monarch, migrates north from Mexico. After they stop in your garden, you may soon find hungry caterpillars on your milkweed. These caterpillars will soon transform and make the journey North. Planting milkweed is a great way to encourage monarch visitors in your garden because it is the only plant where they lay their eggs.  

  •  Go Local.  

Add Texas hardy perennials and flowers to your landscape. Planting wildflowers and other native plant species that regrow every year provide food for pollinators and welcome them more than a manicured lawnSupporting pollinators year after year means you get to joyfully celebrate National Pollinator Week, June 22-28! 

  • Consider your lawncare. 

Stop your use of insecticides and reduce other pesticides as most will harm our prettier pollinators like butterflies and moths.

  • Create compost. 

Use compost over fertilizers. Create pollinator friendly compost out of kitchen and yard waste. Click here to get inspired to compost. 

  • Share the beauty! 

Celebrate Earth Day, April 22, by sharing photos of your pollinator garden. We’d love to see your pollinator pals. Tag us at: @GreenDallasTX on Facebook and @GreenDallas on Twitter, and Instagram. 

Also, check out our video that has even more tips to attract pollinators to your landscape. 

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