Litter Free PPE

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Used personal protective equipment (PPE) can be a health hazard.

Are you wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like a face mask and gloves when running essential errands or out for a walk? Great! Are you littering your used PPE after picking up groceries? Not great….Cities across the United States are seeing an uptake in this type of waste. If you are using “one use” personal protective gear such as a disposable face covering or gloves, be sure you are taking the appropriate measures to dispose of it because it is a health hazard. Not only does leaving contaminated coverings behind cost valuable tax dollars to clean up, it can end up in nearby waterways. Litter often gets carried into storm drains or breezes into open waterways. Let’s not add this to our already larger environmental concerns 

Do your part. Properly dispose of your PPE or look into reusable cloth face coverings. If using a reusable face cover be sure to sanitize it after each use. The CDC has this guide for making and cleaning face coverings. 

We love that you practice responsible recycling , but do note, all used single use PPE is to be thrown in the trash. Leave your recycling bins to carry only clean recyclables and dispose of your PPE in the garbage. This eliminates the risk of transmitting any germs to and protects essential sanitation workers.  

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Medical mask discarded on a Dallas walking trail.

While public litter pickups and creek clean ups are most likely cancelled in your area to avoid public gatherings, you can still pick up litter and on your walks. You can even encourage those you know to do the same. Be sure you and your loved ones know how to remain safe while doing good for the environment with tips from our article. 

Flattening the curve will occur if we all do our part in remaining safe. This includes not only wearing protective equipment but also disposing of it properly! 

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