Going Green and Remaining Clean

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COVID-19 has taught us how to clean.

Cleaning countertops, disinfecting doorknobs, and washing our hands again and again can become exhausting but reconsider your reusables when buying a comfier lounge set or sipping your morning coffee.

Remaining responsibly germ free doesn’t have to put a stop to your eco active lifestyle. It might even give you more peace of mind mentioning multi-use items can be safer to use when avoiding germs. If you have opted for disposable plastic water bottles to remain sanitary, you might be better off pulling that reusable mug out of your cupboard, the one you can scald in the dish washer. You know where that mug has been and who it has come in contact with, that is not necessarily the case for the 12 pack of disposable plastic bottles you may be eyeing at the store. When using a reusable water bottle, it goes without saying Dallas drinking water is still as clean, safe and reliable to consume as ever. However if you are curious what measures are done to keep Dallas’ drinking water clean, visit this link to learn more. 


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Wanting to know how to properly sanitize your reusables? A simple scrubbing with soap and water kills existing germs on your cups just as it does when washing your hands! Cups, mugs, and cutlery all do well after a simple washing, just be sure you are keeping up your cleanliness. If you have a sanitizing feature on your dishwasher or washing machine, now is a perfect time to use it. If your appliances don’t offer this option, opt for hot, hot water when washing. The sanitizing feature on most appliances uses water with temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for those everyday messes, opting for cloth towels more often is a great way to avoid the waste that paper towels create. When cleaning with reusable kitchen towels, wash them between each use. Too nervous about reusing when cleaning? Think about choosing unbleached biodegradable paper towels instead.


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Disinfectants need to remain of the surface for several minutes to kills germs.

If you are sanitizing a surface, which is different than cleaning, know the rules to using your spray or wipes. When using a disinfectant wipe, stick to the recommended surface area found on the back of the container, otherwise you may be extending those germs’ reach. No matter what your wiping with, know your sprays and wipes “drying times”. This is the time needed for the solution to sit on the surface before being wiped away, in order to properly activate the disinfecting properties. For example, you can read more about this on Lysol©’s usage information page .

You don’t need to use name brand sprays in order to clean. There are plenty of green ways to do so such as these DIY sprays and stain removers. When disinfecting, consider using slightly diluted hydrogen peroxide. Spraying hydrogen peroxide, letting it rest up to five minutes, and wiping away has proved to have great germ killing qualities. Remember? You’ve used it to effectively clean cuts and scrapes. Here are some other cleaning uses for it.



blog photo of Stay Home electronic road signLove the idea of being green throughout your home? Reference Your Green Home for tons of great ways to stay eco conscious while maintain a clean home.

Keep up the good work remaining socially and sanitarily responsible! Maybe consider finally getting those comfy sweatpants you saw on your favorite online thrift shop. You deserve it!

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