Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling day comes May 18. We are celebrating by letting you know some tips and tricks to recycling in Dallas during this time.

  • Recycle pick up is still occurring. Be sure you know the rules when using your blue recycle bin.



  • While wearing protective face coverings is important, know that PPE is NOT recyclable, it must be disposed in the trash because it could be contaminated with bacteria and pathogens from COVID-19 or even other diseases.

  • Many recycle drop off sites are not currently open to accept items at this time, so hang tight and hold on to your batteries and old electronics until further notice. 


  • Dallas’ Multifamily Recycling Ordinance went into effect January 1, 2020 for multi-family properties with 8 or more units.   
    • If you haven’t been notified of a recycle option for your complex, ask your property owner or manager so that you, too, can recycle where you live!  
    • If you do not know where the recycling containers are located on your property, contact your apartment manager. 



  • To recycle your clothing, shoes and jewelry:
    • Many thrift stores are reopened within the Dallas area accepting donations. 
    •  Know where your local drop-off container is located. 
    • Participate in a charity pick-up program, many will come directly to your  home or office to pickup reusable items. 
    • Upcycle! Working from home saves the commute time and like magic, families can take old t-shirts and make masks, scarves and even shopping bags. See the links to upcycle “arts, crafts and home goods”. 


For more information about global recycling day click here and great job celebrating 50 days of Earth Day!

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