Beyond the Sea

trinity river, train, bridge, trestle

Photo of the Trinity River by Gervy Ramirez

June 8th is World Oceans day, and with that we celebrate every droplet of water on earth.  Why, because there is a finite amount of water on this planet.  We also celebrate the Trinity River here in Dallas. Why? Because the Trinity River takes a 710 mile journey traversing the Lone Star State, and those waters flow into our oceans. That’s a pretty big deal!

Rain water and urban runoff from sprinklers, hoses and car washing needs to remain clean as it enters any nearby waterbody or storm drain. The importance of keeping those waters flowing clean and free of litter, chemicals and debris is the same as keeping our oceans clean!


If you want to help us celebrate World Oceans this June, here are some helpful ways to keep storm drains clean and clear.

  • NEVER litter, always dispose of it in the proper container.
  • Scoop your pet’s poop at least once a week and definitely before rain
  • AND throw the poop into the trash can. If you flush it, dispose of the plastic bag or paper bag in the trash

    dog walk, bag, pet waste

    Doo the Right Thing and bring a bag every time you walk your dog.


o   Don’t forget to pick up your pet waste, dog poop and cat poop have a high amount of nitrogen and bacteria, an amount that is not considered storm drain friendly.

o   Dog waste in our drains ends up putting pollution into our storm drains and it enters the nearby water bodies directly

o   When walking your pet, bag the poop and pitch it in the nearest trash can or drive it home with you and put it into the trash can there.

o   Clean storm water which ultimately becomes ocean water, depends on it.

·         Lawn clippings, leaf piles, and other natural debris should be composted if possible, bagged or bundled for proper disposal

o   These items OFTEN get blown or thrown into storm drains and are harmful since they may clog the storm drain, it happens more often than you think!

o   Blocked storm drains can contribute to street flooding

·         Never dump or toss anything down the storm drain, if you dump it you drink it!

dumping, trash, litter

Report illegal dump sites in Dallas to 3-1-1.

o   If you see illegal dumping in progress – someone dumping tires, household waste, or any other items, call 9-1-1 and report it.  Make sure to include the license plate number, if possible!  Do not approach the person or put yourself in danger!

o   If you find an illegal dumping site – call 3-1-1 and report it.


Go further today and;

·         Skip single use plastic, this include plastic straws!

·         Ride your bike and keep your car parked- reducing vehicle pollution

·         Pack your reusable bags and stop using single use plastic bags

·         Tell 5 friends to help celebrate world oceans day with you!

·         And above all enjoy the view! Catch a peek of the trinity at these hiking trails  below and thank the our trinity river, knowing that thank you will get delivered to our Oceans just in time for this holiday!

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