All Communities Breathe Clean Air!

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Clean air action day is August 5th this year, but we are celebrating on the 4th with All Communities Breathe Clean Air presented by the City of Dallas.  Don’t  miss the free symposium and learn about the Clean Air Action Challenge issued by Air North Texas, while we remain safer indoors. 


Maintaining clean air to breathe is seldom top-of-mind for most people.  However, it is an important part of green living and it requires virtuous effort from all. People like you in our local communities can make a big difference!  


Sign-up for a powerhouse lineup of speakers at You will learn about the City of Dallas’ Air Monitoring Division,  be brought up-to-date about air quality research and stats from Dr. Haneen Khreis from Texas A&M University, she specializes in transportation and its impacts on air qualityBuzz Smith and Roger Knudsen will “car talk” about electric vehicles.  


While we are seeing a lowering in carbon emissions due to a cut in personal transportation to and from school and work, there is still a lot to understand about how to keep Dallas’ air clean. What is being done and how do each of us fit into the picture? 


We challenge you to make a new clean air action habit on August 4th, one that you can comfortably add into your everyday lifestyle. For inspiration and examples of clean air action habits visit . 


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