Air North Texas

What is Air North Texas?

Air North TexasAir North Texas is a public awareness campaign that encourages the residents of North Texas to make clean air choices.  Clean air choices are things such as carpooling, using mass transit, driving less, avoiding idling, biking or walking and maintaining your vehicle.  These simple clean air choices help improve the air quality of North Texas and in turn, improve the health of the residents in the region.

Who is a part of Air North Texas?

Air North Texas is composed of a coalition of organizations, including the City of Dallas, committed to improving the air in North Texas.  The regional partnership allows these organizations to generate a consistent region-wide brand that promotes behavioral and lifestyle changes that impacts our health and the environment.

The awareness campaign leverages existing resources and program strengths to offer the public a comprehensive resource for air quality information.  Collaborative efforts focus on reducing harmful emissions, protecting public health and welfare, motivating residents to make choices that improve air quality and preserving the economic vitality in the region.

You can join by going to the Air North Texas web site and clicking on the Join Us button.  Once you sign up, you will periodically receive information on what you can do to support the mission.  Share with friends and family and start breathing clean!

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