What is the City doing?

The City of Dallas has taken a number of proactive steps to reduce the carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) of municipal operations.

Did you know…

Wind Light BulbBeginning in October of 2015, the City began purchasing enough renewable energy credits from wind power to cover 100% of the electric power used by City facilities. The City of Dallas uses over 720 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, and utilizing wind power prevents over 550,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the air. This is like taking over 105,000 vehicles off the road every year  (Source:  EPA).

Dallas has many other programs, plans, and ordinances in place aimed at reducing the impact of our community, as well as City buildings, vehicles, and activities:

  • Since 2006, the City has signed several national agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contracting with a third party to conduct citywide greenhouse gas emissions inventories
  • Reducing City energy consumption
  • Implementing City building energy efficiency programs
  • Building new City facilities to LEED Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Certified levels
  • Lighting
    • Upgraded City Hall office and parking garage lighting to LED bulbs
    • Upgraded taxiway lighting at Love Field to LED bulbs
    • Upgrading traffic lights to LED bulbs
    • Upgrading school zone flashers to solar flashers

Solar Flasher

The actions that reduce the impacts of climate change are directly related to other areas of sustainability, and many of the programs and plans implemented by the City will have implications across several of the key focus areas of this site.

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