Community Garden Grant Application

Please read the guidelines before submitting your application.

Community Garden Grant Application

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Section 1.  Community Needs

Explain why you chose this project, the needs of your community, history of the neighborhood and what you are trying to change. What will be some of the challenges?
Total Value: 20 points

Section 2. Project/Program Idea Description

Describe in detail the project your team is proposing. Who will benefit from the project? Explain the steps you will take to make the project successful. This section helps the City visualize the project's potential for completion within the grant period.
Total Value: 36 points

Section 3. Planning for Community Involvement

What community organizations are participating in your project? What is your plan for involving others in the community, such as residents, churches, businesses, schools, libraries, non-profits or others? What are the resources (people, time, materials) that will be provided by the community? How will the project be continued by the community beyond the grant period?
Total Value: 28 points

Section 4.  Project and Outreach Plans

Explain your overall budget, what expenses will be charged to the project?  What materials and services will be donated?  Professional service time (landscape architect, attorney, etc.) may count as in-kind donation at $50/hour in this project.  What do you project to spend in this effort on materials and supplies?  How will you provide community outreach and involvement?
Total Value: 16 points

Please note: The City of Dallas reserves the right to automatically reject any project submitted that will result in a conflict with City services, goes against the vision and/or mission of the organization, or is deemed or otherwise unacceptable.

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