Green Buildings

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All phases of buildings—building design, construction, materials and operation—consume more energy than any other part of the economy?  That’s why green buildings are so important!  Green buildings save energy and water while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and waste output.

LEED Buildings

The US Green Building Council has created a set of standards for LEED certified buildings, which must meet certain criteria for energy efficiency, water efficiency, and occupant health and comfort.  The City has built an impressive portfolio of green facilities and LEED buildings since the Green Building Program was adopted in 2003, and more are in the stages of design and construction.  We have numerous LEED certified gold and silver buildings, and the Prairie Creek branch of the Dallas Public Library system received Platinum certification, the highest achievable level.  You can find all of our certified buildings listed on the US Green Building Council LEED Projects & Case Studies Directory.  In addition, there are hundreds of privately-owned commercial and residential properties throughout Dallas that have been LEED certified.

The Green Building Ordinance

Energy Efficiency Rating Icon Shows Green HousingIn 2008, Dallas became one of the first major cities in the nation to pass comprehensive green building standards for both residential and commercial construction.  In September 2012, the City Council adopted Green Building Resolution 12-2428 Ordinance 28813 Phase II, which incorporated multiple building efficiency systems into the ordinance to ensure that Dallas remains on the leading edge of green building design and use.  We will continue to make revisions to the ordinance, as necessary, to ensure that we remain a leader in sustainability as we continue to grow.


The Dallas community has also contributed toward making our communities energy efficient by building and remodeling their homes and offices to ENERGY STAR standards.  In fact, Dallas is consistently ranked in the top ten cities by the EPA for the number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings.

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