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homepage banner about Clean Air Action Day on Aug 4, 2020

Clean air action day is August 5th this year, but we are celebrating on the 4th with All Communities Breathe Clean Air presented by the City of Dallas.  Don’t  miss the free symposium and learn about the Clean Air Action Challenge issued by Air North Texas, while we remain safer indoors. 


Maintaining clean air to breathe is seldom top-of-mind for most people.  However, it is an important part of green living and it requires virtuous effort from all. People like you in our local communities can make a big difference!  


Sign-up for a powerhouse lineup of speakers at You will learn about the City of Dallas’ Air Monitoring Division,  be brought up-to-date about air quality research and stats from Dr. Haneen Khreis from Texas A&M University, she specializes in transportation and its impacts on air qualityBuzz Smith and Roger Knudsen will “car talk” about electric vehicles.  


While we are seeing a lowering in carbon emissions due to a cut in personal transportation to and from school and work, there is still a lot to understand about how to keep Dallas’ air clean. What is being done and how do each of us fit into the picture? 


We challenge you to make a new clean air action habit on August 4th, one that you can comfortably add into your everyday lifestyle. For inspiration and examples of clean air action habits visit . 


Be sure you follow us on social media to learn more as Clean Air Action day comes closer! 

We are on Facebook @greendallasTX and on Twitter and Instagram @greendallas. 



50 Days of Green Inspiration for 50 Years of Earth Day Wed, 01 Jul 2020 15:46:14 +0000 Continue reading


blog graphic of the world painted on two adult handsWe are excited to celebrate the 50th day of our Earth Day Every Day campaign in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Let’s take a look back at some of the things we learned as we shared a new Earth friendly fact each day for the past 50 days. 


  • We let you know that Registration for the 2020 Branch Out Dallas program will open on September 1, 2020. If you are still interested  you can find out more details at 
  • We shared with you the Dallas City Marshal’s office of Environmental Crimes Unit has made over 950 arrests since
    dumping, trash, litter

    Report illegal dump sites in Dallas to 3-1-1.

    2016. Remember to report environmental crimes and illegal dumping at 9-1-1 (when in progress) or 3-1-1 for existing environmental offenses or contact NTX Crime Stoppers at 877-373-TIPS (8477) for a reward of up to $1,500. 

  • We went from hearing about COVID-19, to sheltering in place and learning about new urban gear, face masksWe still hope you dispose your PPE properly if one use, no dropping them on the ground, leaving them in parking lots, or tossing them into storm drains.
  • As we stayed indoors a little more, the airwater and wildlife near us enjoyed the respite by flourishing. 
  • At the end of June, we have delivered eight Grow with Us and Earth Day Every Day sessions in partnership with the Dallas Central Library.  The topics ranging from Backyard Chickens and Pollinators to Stormwater.  Check out upcoming classes here.
  • We shared some resources on making your own PPE, to avoid one-use waste 
  • All the while we practiced “composting in place 
  • And not to mention the progress of our Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan, CECAP, since we discussed it on Earth Day! 
blog graphic about adopted climate plan and viewing it at dallas climate action dot com

As you may know, CECAP was unanimously adopted by our city council. We hope you review some of the ninety-seven (97) action steps Dallas plans to enact. You may review CECAP’s action items here. 


The passing of CECAP means Dallas is making a stand to be greener and smarter in our behaviors and care of the natural resources around us, and on behalf of the environment as a whole. And, it elevates the conversation about guidance and behaviors to keep it all thriving – progress toward healthier communities. This is our green light to stay in action, and we need your help! Moving forward we hope you continue to follow us as a resource and remain inspired to celebrate Earth Day Every Day! 


As always you may find us at for more information or ask us questions on the best way to be green in your area! 

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blog photo of old style windmillEvery year Global Wind day is celebrated on June 15. If this holiday is new news to you it is important you know why it is a holiday! Global Wind day is celebrated by spreading the knowledge how wind power works and is an amazing and powerful resource. This holiday was not officially named until 2009 but we have been harvesting wind energy for thousands of years. Not only is wind energy efficient it is an example of clean energy.


If you want to know more about HOW this energy works then click here to learn more :

windmill blog photoWe encourage you on this day to recognize wind energy, where it has come from and the potential it has to grow if supported by enough of the public.

Hungry for a way to support wind energy?

Beyond the Sea Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:19:43 +0000 Continue reading


trinity river, train, bridge, trestle

Photo of the Trinity River by Gervy Ramirez

June 8th is World Oceans day, and with that we celebrate every droplet of water on earth.  Why, because there is a finite amount of water on this planet.  We also celebrate the Trinity River here in Dallas. Why? Because the Trinity River takes a 710 mile journey traversing the Lone Star State, and those waters flow into our oceans. That’s a pretty big deal!

Rain water and urban runoff from sprinklers, hoses and car washing needs to remain clean as it enters any nearby waterbody or storm drain. The importance of keeping those waters flowing clean and free of litter, chemicals and debris is the same as keeping our oceans clean!


If you want to help us celebrate World Oceans this June, here are some helpful ways to keep storm drains clean and clear.

  • NEVER litter, always dispose of it in the proper container.
  • Scoop your pet’s poop at least once a week and definitely before rain
  • AND throw the poop into the trash can. If you flush it, dispose of the plastic bag or paper bag in the trash

    dog walk, bag, pet waste

    Doo the Right Thing and bring a bag every time you walk your dog.


o   Don’t forget to pick up your pet waste, dog poop and cat poop have a high amount of nitrogen and bacteria, an amount that is not considered storm drain friendly.

o   Dog waste in our drains ends up putting pollution into our storm drains and it enters the nearby water bodies directly

o   When walking your pet, bag the poop and pitch it in the nearest trash can or drive it home with you and put it into the trash can there.

o   Clean storm water which ultimately becomes ocean water, depends on it.

·         Lawn clippings, leaf piles, and other natural debris should be composted if possible, bagged or bundled for proper disposal

o   These items OFTEN get blown or thrown into storm drains and are harmful since they may clog the storm drain, it happens more often than you think!

o   Blocked storm drains can contribute to street flooding

·         Never dump or toss anything down the storm drain, if you dump it you drink it!

dumping, trash, litter

Report illegal dump sites in Dallas to 3-1-1.

o   If you see illegal dumping in progress – someone dumping tires, household waste, or any other items, call 9-1-1 and report it.  Make sure to include the license plate number, if possible!  Do not approach the person or put yourself in danger!

o   If you find an illegal dumping site – call 3-1-1 and report it.


Go further today and;

·         Skip single use plastic, this include plastic straws!

·         Ride your bike and keep your car parked- reducing vehicle pollution

·         Pack your reusable bags and stop using single use plastic bags

·         Tell 5 friends to help celebrate world oceans day with you!

·         And above all enjoy the view! Catch a peek of the trinity at these hiking trails  below and thank the our trinity river, knowing that thank you will get delivered to our Oceans just in time for this holiday!

CECAP’s Historic Approval Thu, 28 May 2020 22:01:39 +0000 Continue reading


Dallas City Council Unanimously adopts Climate Action Plan

It is our pleasure to announce that Dallas City Council has approved the City’s first Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP)! This plan lays the groundwork for implementation of ninety-seven actions across eight sectors to ensure a healthy, resilient, and equitable future for all Dallas residents. Watch City Council approve the CECAP here.  


The Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability would like to extend our endless gratitude to the Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, the Environment & Sustainability Committee, stakeholders, and residents who came together over the past year and a half to make this happen. This would not have been possible without you!


As we celebrate this week’s momentous occasion, please take the time to also ponder next steps and how we can best keep this momentum going. The next 30 years — and beyond– depend on it! 

Thank you for supporting #DallasClimateAction

Dallas, skyline, Trinity RIver levee, wildflowers

Global Recycling Day Mon, 18 May 2020 13:42:25 +0000 Continue reading


Global Recycling day comes May 18. We are celebrating by letting you know some tips and tricks to recycling in Dallas during this time.

  • Recycle pick up is still occurring. Be sure you know the rules when using your blue recycle bin.



  • While wearing protective face coverings is important, know that PPE is NOT recyclable, it must be disposed in the trash because it could be contaminated with bacteria and pathogens from COVID-19 or even other diseases.

  • Many recycle drop off sites are not currently open to accept items at this time, so hang tight and hold on to your batteries and old electronics until further notice. 


  • Dallas’ Multifamily Recycling Ordinance went into effect January 1, 2020 for multi-family properties with 8 or more units.   
    • If you haven’t been notified of a recycle option for your complex, ask your property owner or manager so that you, too, can recycle where you live!  
    • If you do not know where the recycling containers are located on your property, contact your apartment manager. 



  • To recycle your clothing, shoes and jewelry:
    • Many thrift stores are reopened within the Dallas area accepting donations. 
    •  Know where your local drop-off container is located. 
    • Participate in a charity pick-up program, many will come directly to your  home or office to pickup reusable items. 
    • Upcycle! Working from home saves the commute time and like magic, families can take old t-shirts and make masks, scarves and even shopping bags. See the links to upcycle “arts, crafts and home goods”. 


For more information about global recycling day click here and great job celebrating 50 days of Earth Day!

Going Green and Remaining Clean Mon, 11 May 2020 01:18:07 +0000 Continue reading


Blog post photo

COVID-19 has taught us how to clean.

Cleaning countertops, disinfecting doorknobs, and washing our hands again and again can become exhausting but reconsider your reusables when buying a comfier lounge set or sipping your morning coffee.

Remaining responsibly germ free doesn’t have to put a stop to your eco active lifestyle. It might even give you more peace of mind mentioning multi-use items can be safer to use when avoiding germs. If you have opted for disposable plastic water bottles to remain sanitary, you might be better off pulling that reusable mug out of your cupboard, the one you can scald in the dish washer. You know where that mug has been and who it has come in contact with, that is not necessarily the case for the 12 pack of disposable plastic bottles you may be eyeing at the store. When using a reusable water bottle, it goes without saying Dallas drinking water is still as clean, safe and reliable to consume as ever. However if you are curious what measures are done to keep Dallas’ drinking water clean, visit this link to learn more. 


blog photo of clean dishes in a dishwasher

Wanting to know how to properly sanitize your reusables? A simple scrubbing with soap and water kills existing germs on your cups just as it does when washing your hands! Cups, mugs, and cutlery all do well after a simple washing, just be sure you are keeping up your cleanliness. If you have a sanitizing feature on your dishwasher or washing machine, now is a perfect time to use it. If your appliances don’t offer this option, opt for hot, hot water when washing. The sanitizing feature on most appliances uses water with temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for those everyday messes, opting for cloth towels more often is a great way to avoid the waste that paper towels create. When cleaning with reusable kitchen towels, wash them between each use. Too nervous about reusing when cleaning? Think about choosing unbleached biodegradable paper towels instead.


blog [photo of store bought cleaners

Disinfectants need to remain of the surface for several minutes to kills germs.

If you are sanitizing a surface, which is different than cleaning, know the rules to using your spray or wipes. When using a disinfectant wipe, stick to the recommended surface area found on the back of the container, otherwise you may be extending those germs’ reach. No matter what your wiping with, know your sprays and wipes “drying times”. This is the time needed for the solution to sit on the surface before being wiped away, in order to properly activate the disinfecting properties. For example, you can read more about this on Lysol©’s usage information page .

You don’t need to use name brand sprays in order to clean. There are plenty of green ways to do so such as these DIY sprays and stain removers. When disinfecting, consider using slightly diluted hydrogen peroxide. Spraying hydrogen peroxide, letting it rest up to five minutes, and wiping away has proved to have great germ killing qualities. Remember? You’ve used it to effectively clean cuts and scrapes. Here are some other cleaning uses for it.



blog photo of Stay Home electronic road signLove the idea of being green throughout your home? Reference Your Green Home for tons of great ways to stay eco conscious while maintain a clean home.

Keep up the good work remaining socially and sanitarily responsible! Maybe consider finally getting those comfy sweatpants you saw on your favorite online thrift shop. You deserve it!

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blog photo

Used personal protective equipment (PPE) can be a health hazard.

Are you wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like a face mask and gloves when running essential errands or out for a walk? Great! Are you littering your used PPE after picking up groceries? Not great….Cities across the United States are seeing an uptake in this type of waste. If you are using “one use” personal protective gear such as a disposable face covering or gloves, be sure you are taking the appropriate measures to dispose of it because it is a health hazard. Not only does leaving contaminated coverings behind cost valuable tax dollars to clean up, it can end up in nearby waterways. Litter often gets carried into storm drains or breezes into open waterways. Let’s not add this to our already larger environmental concerns 

Do your part. Properly dispose of your PPE or look into reusable cloth face coverings. If using a reusable face cover be sure to sanitize it after each use. The CDC has this guide for making and cleaning face coverings. 

We love that you practice responsible recycling , but do note, all used single use PPE is to be thrown in the trash. Leave your recycling bins to carry only clean recyclables and dispose of your PPE in the garbage. This eliminates the risk of transmitting any germs to and protects essential sanitation workers.  

blog photo

Medical mask discarded on a Dallas walking trail.

While public litter pickups and creek clean ups are most likely cancelled in your area to avoid public gatherings, you can still pick up litter and on your walks. You can even encourage those you know to do the same. Be sure you and your loved ones know how to remain safe while doing good for the environment with tips from our article. 

Flattening the curve will occur if we all do our part in remaining safe. This includes not only wearing protective equipment but also disposing of it properly! 

50 Days of Earth Day Wed, 22 Apr 2020 21:54:21 +0000 Continue reading


Happy 50th Anniversary Earth Day! Dallas Environmental Quality and Sustainability is featuring a social media campaign including a series of eco-awareness blogs, a “Kid’s World Too” coloring page and a call-to-action that includes residents showing their home environmental practices because Earth Day is every day. 


Beginning on April 22nd and moving forward, “50 Days of Earth Day”, features environmental tips, programs and learning opportunities on how to celebrate and integrate good environmental practices into our lives. All of these can be viewed at @greendallastx (Facebook) and @greendallas for (Twitter and Instagram). Residents are encouraged to shine a light on their Earth-friendly actions and practices by sharing them on social media and tagging Green Dallas. We want to see your vegetable garden, your compost pile, and your reusable water bottle so we can thank you for your contribution to a greener Dallas!




It’s great to be a Planet Protector and celebrate Earth Day together!

Air Quality Perspective During COVID-19 Tue, 21 Apr 2020 20:33:31 +0000 Continue reading


blog photo

Nurses protest unsafe conditions in Bay Area by Jose Carlos Fajardo

Although the abrupt lifestyle transition driven by global “shelter in place” orders has presented many challenges, it has also given us a glimpse of what could be, long after we recover from this pandemic. Impacts from COVID-19 are causing people to re-evaluate many of our current systems– healthcare, the traditional work schedule and benefits, and sanitation guidelines in public spaces, to name a few—and opportunities to improve these systems, thus improving humans’ overall quality of life. So, what is to be learned about our natural environment as a result of this?



One of the most promising things to note is the improvement in overall air quality.  In China, a 50% reduction in nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide due to the shutting down of heavy industries and factories was observed by NASA. Los Angeles reported some of its cleanest air quality since at least 1995, according to The Washington Post. Similar improvements have been reported around the world. 

blog photo

Empty Woodall Rodgers Fwy on March 24 by Lynda M. Gonzalez, Staff Photographer DMN


In Dallas, this offers some hope of reprieve from poor air quality, if we apply the lessons learned during this time. Although current local air monitoring data is still being analyzed for notable changes, it can be inferred that Dallas will reap air quality benefits from reduced air and on-road traffic, slowed or halted industrial processes, and reduced energy generation and consumption.  



How can we ensure that Dallas stays on this trajectory long after the stay-at-home orders have ended? On May 27th, Dallas’ first Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP) will go before Council for approval. Implementation of the CECAP means initiating actions across eight sectors– including Transportation, Energy, and Air Quality– that will help achieve our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 and reduce ozone pre-cursors from transportation, burning of fossil fuels, and energy use (sound familiar?) Support #DallasClimateAction so Dallasites can breathe clean air for generations to come, not just in a pandemic.