What is the City doing?

Fresh Local ProduceIn Dallas, we are working to build a stronger, more resilient food system to ensure we are creating safeguards that will protect us from outside fluctuations.  When more food is grown locally, more jobs are created locally, and local access to nutritious food is increased.  This helps us put healthy food into the hands of those who need it most, and gives the rest of us more options that support our local economy.

Neighborhood Farmers Markets and the Community Garden Grant

On March 25, 2015, the Office of Environmental Quality, Sustainable Development and Construction, and Convention and Event Services presented the Dallas City Council with these Addendum items:

  • Addendum #7 is an ordinance amending Chapter 29A, “Neighborhood Farmers Markets,” of the Dallas City Code.  These changes are intended to make it easier for food growers and producers of food products to sell goods through neighborhood markets by increasing the size of the booths, the number of sale days, the number of vendors, and the associated permitting process for the creation of such markets.  Read the changes to the ordinance here.
  • Addendum #8 established appropriations in the Community Garden Donation Fund to support the creation or expansion of community gardens, encourage food donations, and establish water conservation practices.  Read bout the Community Garden Grants here.
Information on the Neighborhood Farmers Market program and the application for the permit can be found here.

Local Foods, Local Places Technical Assistance Grant

The City was recently awarded the EPA Local Foods Local Places (En Español: Alimentos Locales, Sitios Locales) technical assistance grant.  We will continue meeting with local food groups, community gardens, bee keepers, and other stakeholders to develop a local food brand for the Dallas area.  The City will continue to support our local food system to provide equitable access to fresh, healthy foods in all of our neighborhoods.

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