What is the City doing?

Parks and forests, open fields, vacant lots and brownfields, residential communities and flood plains – all of these are part of Dallas’ urban landscape – but did you know that only 42% (165 square miles) of the City’s total land has been developed?  About 27% of that land is designated to remain green space, thanks to the strategies the City has in place to maintain a balance between development and natural areas.

Dallas recognizes the need to conserve its resources and protect the diversity of its ecosystems and wildlife.  The following are examples of plans, programs, and actions that the City has taken to preserve green spaces and provide access to nature for residents:

Through proper management of green spaces, the City of Dallas will ensure that future generations can enjoy these natural areas.


The City of Dallas is working closely with the EPA and the Lane Plating Community Advisory Group on the Lane Plating Superfund site. Periodic public meetings are held for site status updates and presentations on site documents that may include the Ecological Risk Assessment, Human Health Risk Assessment, and the Remedial Investigation, followed by time for questions and answers.

Lane plating community meeting Jan 28 2021

Link to the PDF with hyperlinks: LanePlating_public meeting Jan 2021


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