Litter Free Dallas

Every Litter Bit Adds Up!

Let’s work together and pick up the trash because every litter bit adds up to cleaner vibrant communities.

Litter takes many forms such as piles of trash on the roadside, floating trash in our waterways, and litter is even dangerous such as broken glass. Litter interferes with our fun at local parks, on neighborhood trail walks, and even as close to home as right outside our doors.

Litter moves! When it rains, litter and dumped items wash down the storm drains, leading to the potential of flooding due to clogged drains. Stormwater is untreated water, it picks up everything in its path as it flows into the storm drains on your street, and all the litter and pollution is dumped into nearby creeks, ponds, lakes, and the Trinity River.

Recycle, reuse, regift. Place trash in a secure trash can or recycle bin and every litter bit that isn’t tossed on the street or blown out of a car window adds up to a litter free Dallas.


A cleaner Dallas starts with me and you! Use this information to start a neighborhood cleanup, volunteer at area
clean up events, and to report litter and dumping.

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