The Big, Blue Bin


Meet Recycle Ben™, the Dallas recycle roll cart

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The City of Dallas accepts the following recyclable items in the blue recycling carts and community recycling centers:

  • Glass:  Bottles and jars of any color (Please note: for the safety of our collection staff, please place any broken glass in a paper bag before placing in your roll cart or blue bag).
    • No window glass, light bulbs, ceramics, mirrors, Pyrex (and other tempered glass products), or fiberglass.
  • Plastics:  Containers labeled #1 – 7.  You can find the plastics number in the recycling triangle on the base of the container.
    • No plastic grocery bags (regardless of number in recycle symbol), plastic wrap, rubber bands, Styrofoam or packing “peanuts”, chemical containers, toys, or plastic utensils.
  • Metals:  Steel, tin, and aluminum (labels do not need to be removed).  Empty aerosol (non-hazardous) cans are okay too.
    • No aluminum foil, pie plates, toys, electronics, or appliances.
  • Paper products & Cardboard:  Newspapers and inserts, envelopes, magazines, catalogs, paperback and hardback books, phone books, food and detergent boxes, paper egg cartons, 12-pack drink cartons, folded corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, and cereal boxes.
    • No waxed cardboard, plastic or foil-lined cereal or cracker boxes, pizza delivery boxes, or food contaminated boxes.

All of these items may be placed in a recycling roll cart or taken to a recycling drop off center.

A recycling roll cart can be ordered free of charge, by calling 3-1-1 or clicking here and selecting the Service Type: Recycling Roll Cart New.

Other Items

For more information about recycling and household waste, visit the City of Dallas Sanitation website, or call the Recycling hotline at 214-670-4475.

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