Friends of DPL LogoTerraCycle has organized recycling Brigades for waste streams that can’t be recycled through the regular municipal recycling program to help us keep waste out of the landfill, preserve resources, and earn money.  The City of Dallas has joined TerraCycle Brigades to earn money for Friends of the Dallas Public Library.  Anyone can help collect items to be recycled, and they can be dropped off at your local Dallas library, Dallas City Hall, or shipped directly from you to Terracycle.

If you bring items to Dallas City Hall, take the blue elevators to 7AN, Office of Environmental Quality.

Terracycle LogoIf you have a box that you would like to ship directly to Terracycle, please call 214-670-1200 for a FREE shipping label.  Each brigade has it’s own specialized shipping and tracking code, allowing you to keep track of how many items you have collected and the amount you helped earn for Friends of the Dallas Public Library.

You can also sign up your office or school with TerraCycle to benefit a charity of your choosing or redeem rewards items.


Colgate Oral Care Brigade® will accept the following products from any manufacturer:

  • Toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste tube outer packaging
  • Floss containers

Personal Care and Beauty Brigade®:

  • Hair care packaging such as shampoo bottles and caps, conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes and caps, hair spray bottles and triggers, and hair paste plastic jars and caps
  • Skin care packaging such as lip balm tubes, face soap dispensers and tubes, face lotion bottles, tubes and plastic jars, body wash containers, soap tubes and dispensers, body lotion dispensers and bottles, shaving foam tubes (no cans), and hand lotion bottles and tubes
  • Cosmetics packaging such as lipstick cases, lip gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, bronzer cases, foundation packaging and bottles, powder cases, eyeliner cases, eyeliner pencils, eye shadow tubes, concealer tubes, concealer sticks, and lip liner pencils

Scotch Tape Brigade® will accept the following from any manufacturer:

  • Plastic tape dispensers
  • Plastic tape cores

Brita® Brigade:

  • Brita® pitchers
  • Brita® bottles
  • All types of Brita® filters
  • Brita® faucet filtration systems
  • Brita® filter packaging
  • Brita® dispensers

PUR® Brigade:

  • PUR® pitchers
  • All types of PUR® filters
  • PUR® faucet mounts and adapters
  • PUR® packaging film
  • PUR® dispensers

Writing Instruments Brigade® will accept the following from any manufacturer:

  • Pens and pen caps
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Markers and marker caps
  • Permanent markets and permanent marker caps

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