World Wear Project

World Wear Shoe BinThe City of Dallas Waste Diversion Team received the “Outstanding Recycling Partnership” award from the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Recycling Alliance (GDFWRA).  The team received the recognition for their innovative Athletic Shoe Recycling Program that they coordinate with the World Wear Project. The mission of the GDFWRA is to protect the Texas environment by encouraging the reuse, reduction and recycling of materials and to promote the use of recycled-content products.

The City has been working with the World Wear Project since February 2012 to provide residents with an answer as to what to do with their gently used athletic shoes. Athletic shoes of any size can be dropped into strategically places shoe collection bins throughout the City, as long as there are no metal cleats on the soles.  The donated shoes are cleaned, repaired, and shipped to people in other countries who are unable to afford reliable shoes.

As of July 2015, over 10,000 lbs. of shoes have been collected and diverted from local landfills.

Visit the World Wear Project site and type in your zip code to find a drop-off location near you.


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